Antique Hereke Feshane Ottoman Court Rug - NL16033

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Ottoman Court Hereke Feshane Carpet

While initially intended to grace the palaces of old in their largest of sizes, Hereke rugs were woven throughout the 1800's at various sizes. Though, each Hereke carpet was extravagant in its own way, regardless of size, which was seen to by the weavers of Hereke, who, though prolific in their construction and artistry, were only ever active at such a high tier of craftsmanship during the aforementioned century. Modern Hereke weavings simply cannot compare to this antique’s legendary elegance and status. In order to fulfill its legacy of grandeur, this Hereke rug is not merely composed of cotton, wool, or silk, but may also feature threads of gold or silver upon its already immaculate visage. These threads help antique Hereke rugs stand out visually, and vastly increase their value among collectors.

The eye of the viewer drops down and begins at the border of the carpet. Through a deft maneuvering of dying, shading, and weaving of lustrous cords, the Hereke designer created a bobbing white-and-gold vinescroll and flower pattern that rises up out of carpet, popping off of the sky blue band due to the masterful outlining in the border. Do not think for even a second that the lightness to the dyes on this Hereke implies that the designed scrimped on purchasing the rich, deeper dyes as seen elsewhere in antiques. The carpet was drafted so that the golden dye would get deeper the closer the eyes come to the center, and the rosy red color would slowly increase in area, until the central medallion crests over the viewer’s awareness. The medallion, bearing within the oval dyed a gentle, child-like blue, contains a bouquet of rosy pink flowers so detailed that one might think they were dropped on the Hereke by accident.

  • Size 11' x 11’
  • Origin Turkey
  • Design Floral, European
  • Colors Cream, Light Blue, Gold, Pink
  • Age 1890s

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