How Do I Know Where Rugs are Made?

A lot of sector have undergone radical changes with the Industrial Revolution, and one of them is carpet industry.

With the Industrial Revolution, the ways of carpets are made has also diversified. In past, people were weaving carpets with hand knotted and handmade techniques, but today there are much more method to produce a carpet.

For instance, hand-tufted and machine-made rugs are a few of them. In case, you tend to buy an antique carpet how can you be sure the carpet that you about the purchase is really handmade and antique? So, how do we understand where a carpet is made without being an expert?


1.Check the Back of the Rug

Maybe one of the best method to determine where a carpet is made is, checking the underside of rug. Because hand-knotted carpets are made by people it is not possible to weave perfectly.

Because of this reason when you examine the back of hand-knotted rug you can see some failure. Moreover, when you look the back of handmade rug, you will see every knot that was tied by hand, as a proof of made with hand. In addition, unlike hand-knotted rugs, generally there is a tag at the back of machine-made carpets.


2.Look at the Fringe of the Rug

If the carpet that you tend to buy has fringe, an another technique to understand whether the carpet that you about the buy is a handmade or machine-made is checking its fringe, and it is really easy to understand because the fringe of machine-made rugs are sewn on and attached unlike the fringe of handmade rugs (the fringe of a handmade carpet is looks like an extension of the surface).


3.Examine the Rug Whether There is a Color Variation or Not

If you are careful enough, you can understand where the carpet is made when you examine the color transitions of the carpet, because unlike the yarns of machine-made rugs, yarns of handmade carpets are not dyed in one batch and without human intervention.

Color variations will occur when yarns are dyed in different time periods. Because the wools of machine-made carpets are dyed in one batch, a perfect color balance occur throughout the carpet.


4.Check What Material is Rug Made From

Another technique to determine which method was used while producing a carpet is checking what material was used as a yarn. While handmade carpets are making, natural materials are used, such as wool.

Unlike handmade rugs, while machine-made rugs are making generally synthetic yarns are used, such as polyester and nylon.


5.BONUS: Do not Confuse Hand-Tufted Rug with Hand-Knotted Rug!

It is often difficult to distinguish hand-knotted carpets from hand-tufted carpets with an external eye. Hand-tufted carpets are prepared using a tufting gun which is much more effortlessly way than knotting technique.

An expert can distinguish between hand-tufted carpets and hand-knotted carpets, but if you are not an expert, the easiest way to understand the difference between the two will be the price difference. Hand-knotted rugs are much more expensive than hand-tufted rugs.


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