What Designers Look for in Rugs?

Some interior designer, such as Lauren Li, consider that selecting the right rug can instantly lift the outlook and soul of a room. According to Lauren Li, a floor rug that has just the true amount of pattern, color and texture is the main ingredient to creating a captivating space.

Unlike collectors, designers are not interest much whether they are about to buying a nomadic, village, or workshop rug; instead of that they want whatever they purchase work well with their decor.

So, it is likely to say that, the people who not buying rugs as an investment (designers) look for some distinctive qualifications while purchasing a rug. Then, what designers look for in rugs?


1.What Size Rug Does the Buyer Need?

Many rug buyers consider that to avoid acoustic sound they should buy a rug which fill the room, but it isn’t a valid reason if absorbing the sound of room is not your primary concern.

If the floors are enchanting, a certain amount flooring should remain empty around the edge of the room. For instance, for living room designers generally leave approximately 18-24 floor space off the wall, but it may depend on size or shape of the room.


2.What is the Best Rug Color for Buyer’s Room?

Before purchasing a rug whether buyer is a collector or designer one of the the most important item that they look for is color, but unlike collectors, designers do not care about whether the rug dyed with natural colors.


The thing that designer look for is, is it going to be a logical selection for the décor or not? For example, light colored rugs make your room look more spacious, but various colors tend to urge different emotions and moods, in particular when they used in designing a space.

So, the colors in your rug can have an effect on how someone feels when they enter your space. For instance, cold colors usually tend to evoke a sense of calm.


3.What Rug Design or Pattern is Perfect for the Buyer’s Room?

There are various of rugs which have different motifs and patterns. Most of rugs are classified according to their motifs and patterns, for instance antique rug designs, traditional or modern rug designs, geometric style rugs or curve-linear patterns, allover design rugs or medallion carpets, and colorful rugs are just a few of them.

Every one of design has own soul, so there are more suitable areas for each of them. For example, more traditional designs combine well into older homes with more complicated décor while modern design rugs contribute to contemporary spaces with simple geometry.


4.How Much Should Buyer’s Spend on a Rug?

Because the people who look for rug just for a décor are not consider rugs as an investment, they generally do not prefer spend money as much as collectors do, but if the piece chosen by the designer is exclusive, even for decoration purposes, then buyer may have to spend as much as a collector's do.


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