Where Should We Put The Small Rugs

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Where Should We Put The Small Rugs

Small and twisted carpets should be used in smaller areas of our homes.

The front of the bathroom, kitchen, or stoves is listed as some places where we can use these small carpets.

Since the carpet needs of each region arise for different reasons, the quality of the carpet is important as well as its size. It is reasonable to use small carpets at the entrance of the rooms.

It can create a beautifully decorative image. They can also be used as a welcome tool in front of the house doors. In fact, the places where small carpets are used the most are gardens front doors.

Finally, it is worth saying that you can also use small carpets to dry your feet after leaving the bathroom.


How To Use Small Rugs In Houses

The small carpets we use in our homes do not need to complement each other. Because large carpets are recommended to be used consecutively to form a whole.

However, such a requirement is not required for small carpet use. Because small carpets are decorative materials that can fit in any region. You also need to decide which area to place the small carpets.

Because the use of these carpets in an area that does not match their size will reveal a bad image. What is recommended by decoration specialists is that small carpets should be used as a welcome material or show element.

Also, it is definitely not recommended to use small carpets as decoration products in the house.