History Of Turkish Rugs

History Of Turkish Rugs - Nomads Loom

History Of Turkish Rugs

It is impossible to prove when the carpet industry emerged. Because there is no single written document on this subject.

However, according to the information announced by the experts, the first carpets were produced by nomadic societies living in Central Asia.

This answer proves to us that the first carpet producers were nomadic Turkish societies.

Because the Central Asian region was a suitable area for carpet production due to the climatic conditions and the fabrics that should be used.

Nomadic Turkish societies produced carpets in order to put their tents. Years later, the carpet manufacturing of the Turks moved to Anatolian soil. According to the data, the carpets were produced in the 13th century by the Turks in the Anatolian lands.

The cities of Sivas, Kayseri, and Konya are the places where the first workshops were opened for carpet production.


What Are The Motif Used In Turkish Rugs?

The motifs used in Turkish carpets reflect the cultures of Turkish societies living in Anatolian and Central Asian regions. It is also possible to observe the origins of Turkish society on these carpets.

This situation also proves that a carpet is a cultural heritage. Each motif detail made by the Turks was not made randomly. Each drawing detail describes the existence of a particular event or story.

In generals, conflicts between the Turkish tribes the wars, and the Chinese dynasty are depicted on these products.

Finally, we recommend you to choose Turkish carpets, one of the most preferred carpet types in the world.