Entrance Rug Models and Prices

Entrance Rug Models and Prices

Entrance Rug Models and Prices

Entree rug models and prices are asked by you and are a matter of curiosity. The entrance is the entrance part of the houses. There are some situations to consider when choosing the rugs to be used in these parts. Hallways are used when passing to other rooms of the house, therefore they are one of the most used areas of the house.

Among the entrance rug models, the most used model is the cut rugs. Cut rugs are more preferred in these areas as the entrance halls generally have a long and narrow structure. Entry rug models are listed below:

  • Non-slip rug
  • Fluffy rug
  • Kilim
  • Mat
  • Hairy rug

You can choose any of these doorway rug models, and you can easily use them in your doorways. The prices of the entrance rug models can vary in many respects according to the quality, size, and model of the rug. However, if an average price is given, it is possible to find an entrance rug suitable for your taste between 500 USD and 5000 USD.

Decorative Hallway Rug

Decorative entrance rug changes the atmosphere of the house and offers a beautiful view at the entrance of the house. It is widely preferred and used by homeowners. Decorative doorway rug comes in many patterns and color options.

To choose a decorative rug that is compatible with your entrance hall, you should also pay attention to the conditions such as wall paint and door decoration that your entrance has. A decorative entrance carpet should be chosen accordingly based on the color palette of your interior. To present a harmonious image, you can choose the color of the decorative doorway rug in a contrasting color to your wall paint.

Runner Rug Models

Runners are used for the same purpose as entrance rugs. Runners are useful being thin and light, so they are commonly used in the corridors at the entrance of the houses. Runners with many models can also be used on balconies. Runner rug models are listed below:

  • Cutting runner
  • Antibacterial runner
  • Waterproof runner
  • Dirt-proof runner
  • Kilim
  • Mat

Among these runner models, choose the runner that best suits your taste and purpose of use. Runners are used in areas that can be contaminated; it may be more advantageous for you to choose dirt-repellent runners.

Modern Runner models

When choosing a runner, you may want to use your preference for modern runners. Modern runner models will add a nice atmosphere to the entrance of your home and are often used in newer houses. Modern runners are also available in many pattern and color options. Among these options, you should determine the most suitable runner for your eye taste and intended use.

Modern runners, which are more preferred than classical runners and are more common in homes, have a thin and light structure. There are also washable and waterproof runners that suit the needs of a heavy traffic home. You can choose dirt-proof models for modern runners that are easy to get dirty due to being used in transition areas.

Non-slip Runner Models and Prices

Since the runners are thin and light, they can slide on the ground very easily. This situation causes accidents. To prevent such accidents, it would be better for you to prefer non-slip runner models. Non-slip runner models will stand more firmly on the ground and prevent situations such as falling.

Non-slip runner models and prices may vary depending on many situations. It is not possible for all runners to be the same price. Conditions such as the square meter, quality and pattern of the runner determine the price. In addition, non-slip runners can be a little more expensive than other runner models. The average price of a non-slip runner can vary between 500 USD and 600. USD.