Best Decoration ideas of the year

Best Decoration ideas of the year

Best Decoration ideas of the year

Our house is where we spend most of our lives and it is an environment that reflects our soul. Every touch we make according to our taste tells us and our inner world. You can create a magnificent home with decor that reflects that makes the place more attractive. If you want to know this year's trends, you can look at the decoration suggestions brought together by interior designers.

For that Seeking Naturalness: Rustic Home Decoration

Rustic style modernizes the spirit naturalness and nostalgia. It is one of the most preferred decoration trends in recent years. If you are looking for different home decoration ideas and your preference is for naturalness, you should keep the rustic style in mind. In this style dominated by wooden furniture, aged wooden cabinets, handmade pieces, and dark ceramic details come to the fore. Thanks to this decoration style dominated by earthy tones, your living space will seem like a part of nature.

Bohemian Decoration Selection

Bohemian style symbolizes freedom and is among the home decoration ideas that left their mark in recent years. You don't have to adhere to any rules in bohemian decoration. You can turn your room into a carnival space with furniture and accessories dominated by vibrant colors. You can complete the bohemian decoration with exotic flowers.

You Can Use Contrasting Colors Harmony

This year's decoration trends include the harmony of contrasting colors. While the opposite-colored furniture used in the living room adds a different style to the space, it also has a luxurious touch. Usually, such pieces consist of the combination of two close colors and a contrasting color. You can also make your decoration remarkable by choosing three colors according to your taste.

Ultimate Gray is one of the primary colors of the year

'Ultimate Gray,’ was chosen as the color of the year 2021. It has become a popular choice as it continues to show its effect on home decoration in almost every setting. Adaptable and easily integrated with other colors and themes, it is no surprise that most interior designers prefer to use it in their color palette for designing homes. Especially preferred as a wall color, Ultimate Gray adds an impressive and stylish atmosphere to the environment that pairs with most rugs. If you are in favor of modern elegance, your color choice should be Ultimate Gray!

Layered Carpet Fashion

Rugs add elegance to decoration with their different sizes and patterns. Based on these factors, they can change the atmosphere of the environment with a single touch. Layered rug fashion is among the top 2021 decoration trends. It is known to break all the rules and activate the living space. If you want to keep up with this extraordinary trend, you can lay a patterned rug on a plain rug or take a different approach by laying rugs of the same size on top of each other.


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