Why should we choose the shaggy rug?

Shaggy Rugs

Shaggy Rugs

Shaggy Rug is Hairy, comfortable, modern, and chic. A shaggy rug can be both a sympathetic and elegant element of your home.

Rug shaggy, one of the most preferred decoration items of recent times with its soft and long hairs, is thicker and fluffier than classical models.

Suppose you want to rug a warm and comfortable environment and a different decoration in your home. In that case, all you must do is choose one of the shaggy rug models offered in colorful, different sizes and designs.

Shaggy rug models

Shaggy has different and original models such as soft silk shaggy rug, rectangular or round shaggy rug, solid color or patterned, decorative, knitted shaggy carpet, runner, and classic carpet.

Different and original models offer opportunities for you to decorate your home as you wish, in a way that makes it feel beautiful and comfortable.

Design models with solid colors for a simple decoration, models for corridors and systems, and round shaggy for the bathroom.

Why should we choose the shaggy rug?

If shaggy rugs are used primarily in children's rooms and bathrooms, non-slip models can be preferred.

One of the great shaggy rug user comments is that its prices are affordable compared to its usage value and quality. Shaggy rugs are one of the most preferred products by users to create a comfortable and warm living room environment in the children's room with their soft texture. Being flexible and easy to clean, various model options and a wide color scale is why consumers prefer it.

How to clean a shaggy rug?

There are elements to be considered during the shaggy rug cleaning. Products should be washed separately from another laundry, only carpet washing shampoo should be used, the water temperature should be 86°f at most, and the rug should be wiped with water and dried.

What is Shaggy Rug?

Shaggy rug, called fluffy and long pile, has an appearance reminiscent of post rugs with its soft appearance. Shaggy rugs, which can also be produced in large sizes, are woven in different sizes and models, contributing to a different atmosphere in homes.

Shaggy rugs are thicker and fluffier than other rugs used in homes causes the floors to be covered with these rugs, especially in winter. Shaggy rugs, which have different qualities and features, are carpets that vary with the quality of the yarn used.

Methods for Removing Stains from Shaggy Rug

Stains on rugs are very annoying, and you may need to go to professional cleaning services. But when it comes to shaggy rugs, we can't trust these places. Therefore, our recommendations for a few tough stains are as follows:

Tea and Coffee Stain: One of the things most likely to spill on the rug is coffee. To combat this stain that upsets you, you can mix a small amount of ammonia with white spirit and water. When wiping, you need to apply it as a buffer rather than a rubbing motion. You can also use oxygenated water, washing soda, or mineral water.


Mud Stain: Your rug may have a mud stain due to an accident while watering your flower. In this case, you need to get rid of the excess mud immediately. Then let it dry and vacuum up any remaining dirt. Then wipe with detergent.


Alcohol Stain: If you have spilled any colored alcohol on your rug, your job may be difficult. In this case, after wiping with detergent, go over the stain again with white spirit.


Gum Sticking: It is one of the most common situations in homes with children. If the gum is stuck on a shaggy rug, remove the excess first. Then carefully scrape with a sharp tool so as not to damage the hairs. Then apply ice and remove any residue.


Fecal Contamination: It is a situation that can be experienced in homes with children. When you somehow encounter this situation, first remove the excess dirt from your rug with a paper towel. Then add vinegar to some water and wipe the stained area. You can also clean it with detergent later.


Sugary Food Residues: One product that makes cleaning shaggy rugs difficult is sticky due to sugary foods. In this case, use a cloth moistened with warm water and wipe the stained area. If the stain remains, you can use thinner.


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