Antique Serapi Classic Decorative and Graceful - NL18937

24,000 USD
  • Product # 18937


This floral star medallion uses the deepest blues, the cleanest whites, and a soft, faded red to weave together a marriage of Heriz and Serapi style design. The colors are vibrant, the patterns are traditional and clean. The medallion and palmettes are distinct from the rest of the carpet, seeming to use the deep blue for their own fields. Beyond that, the medallion itself and the fine geometric stylings of the field are locked behind a clever white ring. This Serapi is a celebration of stratification and layers, its depths a glory to behold. 

  • Size  10' x 12'11''
  • Origin Azerbaijan
  • Design  Geometric
  • Colors  Rust, Navy, Green, Cream
  • Age 1890s

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