Antique Oushak Red Swiss Estate - NL10388

12,000 USD
  • Product # 10388


This Oushak is regal and sharp, contrasting with tradition by eschewing the usual pink, soft tones of the style for red and black. This Oushak uses the hallmark central medallion common to the style, which sits grandly in fine detail  in the active field. There is not an inch of this antique that doesn't have a clever weave or design. The design is symmetrical, but we can see that it was handwoven because the lines aren't perfectly straight. The Oushak style has been prized for centuries, and for good reason, since this beautiful piece of art will last your family just as long.

  • Size 9’10'' x 14’10''
  • Origin Turkey
  • Design  Traditional
  • Colors Red, Grey
  • Age 1910s

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