Antique Konya Sille Rug 19th Century Early Motif - NL12567

16,000 USD
  • Product # 12567


This traditional Konya uses an allover square medallion pattern which, though hand-knotted, nearly interlocks with itself to create a solid wall of squares. The field is a vibrant red, despite sitting at the impressive age of 120 years old, or more. The designs of the medallions are simple and geometric, but the borders are downright modern, showing the roots of Konya floral design. With the history woven into this carpet, it deserves a place of honor in your collection. 

  • Size  10'9'' x 11'7''
  • Origin Turkey
  • Design Tribal
  • Colors  Red, Coral, Brown, Taupe, Light Blue
  • Age  1890-1900s

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