Antique Heriz Classic Style Sky Blue Corners- NL17674

13,500 USD
  • Product # 17674


Where the other Heriz carpets in this collection might use a rigid design that interweaves colors constantly, this Heriz sports a much more curved, floral design, which more often than not only uses foreground and background color. This masterpiece splays vinescrolling ever outward from a majestic star/flower medallion, in pale pink. The borders are no exception, shining as the most colorful areas on this rug. The secret to the Heriz carpet family’s legendary durability is the sheep who provide the wool: their drinking water contains copper.

  • Size  9'8'' x 13'5''
  • Origin Azerbaijan
  • Design  Geometric
  • Colors Red, Blue, Green, Navy
  • Age  1900-1910s

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