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What is Vintage

The increasing interest in products reflecting the past and that period has led to the increase of vintage trend in many fields such as fashion and decoration. The word vintage, first used by 19th century collectors, refers to the products produced between 1930 and 1990 that reflect the spirit of the period in which they were produced. The more colorful models of vintage products produced between 1960 and 1970 are called Retro carpet.


What is A Vintage Carpet

The carpets, known as vintage, contain the motifs and colors of the old times as models and were produced by hand. The history of these carpets, most of which are woven by hand, goes back to a period of approximately 50 years. After such a long time for any item, these carpets are made ready for use again after some operations.


How To Make A Vintage Rug

These carpets, which are idle and not used over time, attain their new identities by repainting, shaving, washing, using a powder cabinet, sunbathing, bleaching and dyeing. The condition of the carpet, its weaving and the thread used, etc. It is one of the important variables in this process. However, we must say that for some different reasons, not all carpets can be subjected to this process. Vintage rugs that are not suitable for repaired and reused are transformed into patchwork rugs by various processes such as cutting and handicraft sewing. Carpets with rare patterns, on the other hand, are subjected to aging process, preserving the existing pattern on them, without being subjected to painting. The carpets that can be repainted with a wide color palette are especially gray, turquoise blue, water green, etc. It can be painted in popular colors such as.


How To Tell If a Carpet is Vintage

There are some methods of detecting a quality and indeed vintage carpet. First of all, the weaving techniques of these carpets are the most important feature that gives them away. Hand woven carpets are heavier than mass produced carpets. In addition, it can be understood from the knots behind whether the carpet is hand-woven or not. These products, which are the result of manual labor, are knotted after each stitch and even if these knots are camouflaged in terms of visuality, they will still reveal themselves when the back of the carpet is turned. Apart from this, it is an important distinguishing criterion that the motifs on these carpets are also reminiscent of ancient times.      


How To Care For Vintage Carpet

Regular maintenance ensures that these carpets will last for many years. Washing at least once a year with non-hot water, soft brushes and without harmful chemicals. Also removing dust with a vacuum cleaner are very important factors in extending the life of vintage carpets. If you do all these steps on your carpets, you can use them for many decades. By purchasing a quality vintage carpet and maintaining it as described above, you can catch the breeze of the period you want in your home or workplace with these extremely valuable items.


Nomads Loom
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Why choose Nomad Looms for your Vintage rugs?

Since 1975, our family business has always put the emphasis on the customer and his needs. Each of our clients has different demands and we are always happy to meet their expectations with a premium quality Vintage rug, as well as with an outstanding service.

Although our team has acquired a considerable amount of knowledge about authentic Vintage rugs, they are always on the lookout for new information, history and trends to better advise you and find the perfect handmade for your home. We have gained a reputation for quality and integrity, in which we take pride. Much like the antique Vintage rugs that we sell, our expertise of understanding and recognizing quality luxury rugs have been passed down through the years.

In store, be assured that our specialized team is there for you and will know how to advise you. Let your Nomad Loom visit become a treasure hunt to find a one-of-a-kind Vintage rug.


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