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Welcome to the world of Antique and Modern Oriental Rugs with a breathtaking diversity of colors and a design gallery of rugs.

Handwoven Oriental Rugs Dallas, Tx

Oriental rugs come inside the most breathtakingly numerous array of styles, shades, and designs, with every form of rug having its personal awesome traits, origins, and weaving approach.

o what's the only commonplace thread that runs thru them all? apparently, it’s the reality they may be all Handwoven.

All Oriental and antique rugs, whether they originate from Iran, India, or Afghanistan, are constantly woven and knotted with the aid of hand. in case you see a rug this is manifestly system-made, regardless of how strikingly similar it is able to be to a Gabbeh, a Bokhara, or a Kashan rug, it's miles really a reproduction. It isn't always unique.


  • Maximum oriental rugs are woven by nomadic tribes in remote hilly areas.

The weavers use the knotting technique handed down via their ancestors and in the method of creating the sample, they deliver free reign to their creativity, which adds to the versions. It’s without a doubt excellent.

Every Oriental rug or Persian rug tells a distinct tale. in case you look carefully, you will notice that each one the little design factors that could appear like randomly selected are really depictions of the weaver’s narrative.


Types Of Oriental Rugs

Persian rugs are the oldest kind of rugs which you see and most other styles of rugs are in a few manners or the other imitations of this unique rug making style.

Persian variations run the gamut from the kind of woven tribal rugs along with Herez, Kurd, and Hamadan to lush, high great rugs including Qum, Nain, and Tabriz.

Conventional rug making in Indian changed into initiated during the reign of multi-millionaire Emperor Akbar throughout the 1500s.

The techniques and patterns used had been primarily followed from the Esfahan fashion, which originated in Esfahan, a city located south of Tehran in Persia.

Rug production in Pakistan may be traced again to the 1500s whilst professional Persian weavers have been added into the country to create masterpieces for Akbar Shah.

All Pakistani rugs still replicate their Persian heritage.

  • Interior Design

Our handwoven rugs can be custom made to suit your layout necessities from the length, color, pattern, texture to style -from the popular traditional model to an upbeat contemporary kind.

You may find that we've got a wealth of rug thoughts in helping you with your design requirements.