Indian Rug Dallas

India, which you are familiar with from its moving music and full length films, has a very rich culture. Home to the world's most populous cities, the country has a very active life. The deep-rooted history is always reflected in both its food, natural, and historical beauties. All these experiences place Indian rug dallas among the most famous in the world. These products, which are slightly different from other famous and precious carpets, attract attention with their weaving technique and interesting motifs.

Features of Indian Carpets

When it comes to India, many people think of bright and contrasting colors, sincerity, and warmth. Green vegetation is dominant in the country that surrounds people with its warm climate. As a result of these geographical features, people are also extremely cheerful and artistic. This characteristic is reflected in daily life, art, and objects.

The History of the Indian Rug Dallas

The famous carpets of today were started to be woven in the 11th century AD. First of all, the Hindus were purchasing Persian woven rugs. Influenced by another world-famous Persian rug, they began to develop their own original motifs and methods within a few centuries. The products they created began to be regarded as not only carpets but also works of art. The most important feature of these works of art is that they are completely hand-woven. In addition, Indian rug dallas differs from its counterparts with the patterns, colors, and ornaments used.

Looking at the Indian rugs, it’s concluded that the people didn’t use much furniture in history. The reason for this is that they don’t need much to use furniture depending on the climate. They preferred to use carpets in the areas where they sat, slept, and ate. The conquests of Muslims in the Middle Ages also influenced and transformed the carpet art in India. Later, a new type called excavated carpets developed.

Distinguishing Features

The most striking feature of these carpets is that they leave an unusual feeling when touched. Its impressive colors, rich and laboriously crafted patterns, and vibrant structure are also valuable. These carpets, which are expensive because they are famous, deserve every penny you pay. Vivid blue, gold, and silver, purple, yellow, green, white, and brown colors are especially prominent in Indian carpets.

All this diversity actually sheds light on India's culture, history, and world. The country itself is as rich, colorful, and fun as these patterns. These carpets, which are woven quite frequently, may resemble a canvas at first sight. The paintings that look like oil paintings create an impressive illusion. The resulting image and shading are a kind of play of light.

Today's Carpets

Carpet production in India has reached a global dimension today. Therefore, the use of machinery in weaving has become widespread. However, it should be borne in mind that there are still many craftsmen who continue to hand-weave. Indian rug dallas is mostly made of silk and wool. Wool can be obtained from goats, camels, and sheep. This material has very high wear resistance. For this reason, it can be used for many years without deformation.