How old is my rug ?


Determining the age of a carpet is an important process that involves many variables and requires careful examination by a professional.

The age of the carpet is one of the most sought after features in an old carpet. Today, for a carpet to be antique, it must be over 100 years old. Because there is a possibility that other features sought in an antique carpet are only in such a carpet.

Reaching a complete and definite result in determining the age of the carpet is only possible with the history information woven on the carpet or rug. Many of the old carpets and kilims contain such historical information. The text used in the weaving of historical information also gives information about the origin of the weaver. For example, Muslim Turks used the Arabic alphabet, Christian Greeks used the Latin alphabet, and Christian Armenians used the Armenian alphabet. In some rugs, the date is not written from left to right, but from right to left. This indicates that the carpet was touched by looking at the back of the original bearing the real date. It should be thought that such carpets are 5-10 years younger than the woven history knowledge



There is a phrase that everyone who is interested in carpet production and trade often uses. “This is a very high quality carpet. The quality is poor. High quality.” What is the quality of this carpet? Quality has not been settled. These various expressions of quality force us to investigate clearly what quality is in carpet.

Quality; 10 cm on the carpet with warp wire transversely, 10 cm. It is the number of rows of loops entering the length. The product of the number of warp wires in 10 cm and the number of rows of loops per 10 cm gives us the total loop (knot) in 1 decimeter square. E.g; When we say the quality 26 x 33, the number 26, the first of these two numbers, is 10 cm. (1 dm) the number of warp threads in width; The second digit, 33, is 10 cm. Shows the number of rows of loops in (1 dm) The product of these two numbers is 1 dm. the sum in the square gives the stitch. 26 x 33 = 858 loops. Regardless of the type and dimensions of the carpet; The same path is always followed in quality calculations.

In summary, the factors affecting the quality of a carpet;

1- Bench selection according to carpet types

2- The humidity of the carpet weaved place

3- Using warp yarn according to quality

4- Proper installation of warp on the machine

5- Using weft according to quality and looped yarn according to pattern

6- First weaving initiation by the carpet teacher

7- Making the rug texture according to the carpet size

8- Explanation of the pattern to the weaver

9- Tying knots in accordance with quality

10- Manually breaking the stitches

11- Using scissors suitable for carpet character.


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