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When you enter a place, the first thing that draws your attention is the carpet at the entrance. The carpets that embrace and enchant you with all their glory can be of very different qualities in their weaving characteristics. World-famous products are delivered online to all countries today. Of course, there is a reason why so many people are interested in these products. In particular, carpets produced in Iran like Heriz rug dallas attract attention with their weaving characteristics and colors. These works of art dating back thousands of years still continue to decorate many homes and offices today.


Properties of Persian Carpets

You can easily distinguish Persian carpets with their colors that attract your attention even when you look at them from a distance. The quality of these products depends particularly on the meticulousness of the weaving method exhibited at this time. It is another subject that made these carpets become so famous today with their patterns. Persian culture has managed to reflect thousands of years of poetry, romance, art, culture, music, and wine accumulation on motifs.

The carpets, which are woven finely from woolen yarn, use methods blended with Turkish knot techniques. Synthetic dyes aren’t preferred in order not to reduce the value of the product. Coloring is provided only with vegetable dyes. This is why it is seen that more natural and earthy colors prevail. The reasons why these carpets are so valuable and expensive are hidden in these characteristics.


Usage Areas of Heriz Rug Dallas

The history of these famous and precious carpets dates back to 2500 years. Many people may think that using carpets or opting for these traditional motifs is outdated. However, the carpet is a reflection of the respect people show to the areas where they sit, live, and sleep. Even though the motifs used in Heriz rug dallas are traditional, they make these products valuable and extraordinary.

A large number of people from all over the world are lining up to buy these works of art, which are completely hand made. Carpets are used not only in homes but also in many areas. Due to its magnificent appearance, it can find a place in many areas from fashion shows to concerts, offices, and shopping centers.


Determining the Values of Rugs

The value of these rugs is of course invaluable. However, as in every field, the number of fraudsters and those who produce without fidelity is also high. If you aren’t an expert in carpets, or if you have not taken it as a hobby for many years, it can be easy to be fooled. You can identify the original and quality product by paying attention to a few tricks.

The older the age of these carpets, the higher their value and price. If someone is trying to sell you the older carpet for less, then you should be suspicious. Because these works, which are valued as they age, are equivalent to a famous painting. Since vegetable dyes are used in old and antique Persian carpets, coloring is more natural. Today, chrome paints with brighter and lighter colors are used. In addition, the details and numbers of the visuals found in old and more valuable Heriz rug dallas are more.


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Since 1975, our family business has always put the emphasis on the customer and his needs. Each of our clients has different demands and we are always happy to meet their expectations with a premium quality Heriz rug, as well as with an outstanding service.

Although our team has acquired a considerable amount of knowledge about authentic Heriz rugs, they are always on the lookout for new information, history and trends to better advise you and find the perfect handmade for your home. We have gained a reputation for quality and integrity, in which we take pride. Much like the antique Heriz rugs that we sell, our expertise of understanding and recognizing quality luxury rugs have been passed down through the years.

In store, be assured that our specialized team is there for you and will know how to advise you. Let your Nomad Loom visit become a treasure hunt to find a one-of-a-kind Heriz rug.


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