How We Started

Nomads Loom is a fourth generation business, our background being Armenians from Anatolia, trading and passion for fine rugs is in our blood. Grandfather Haygaz as a youngster learned under the tutelage of world renowned master creator of silk rugs, Zareh Penyamin. Zareh silk rugs are the most precious silk rugs of the 20th century.  One of grandfather Haygaz’s greatest achievements is completing a half woven Zareh masterpiece posthumously to Zareh’s death. In Haygaz' prime he helped usher in a golden era for fine Hereke silk rug production as the preeminent heir and maestro to some of the finest rugs in the world. With that legacy and tradition we try to honor our past and set our vision towards the future, please enjoy our family's collections.


Began as a legacy. Continues as a family tradition.