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Nomads Loom is first and foremost a family business. It is a fourth generation business, our background being Armenians from Anatolia, trading and passion for fine rugs is in our blood. Grandfather Haygaz as a youngster learned under the tutelage of world renowned master creator of silk rugs, Zareh Penyamin. Zareh silk rugs are the most precious silk rugs of the 20th century. One of grandfather Haygaz’s greatest achievements is completing a half woven Zareh masterpiece posthumously to Zareh’s death. In Haygaz' prime, he helped usher in a golden era for fine Hereke silk rug production as the preeminent heir and maestro to some of the finest rugs in the world. With that legacy and tradition we try to honor our past and set our vision towards the future, please enjoy our family's collections.

Nomads Loom
Nomads Loom
Nomad Loom


Nazaret Sirinoglu, owner of Nomads Loom, is a true Oriental rug specialist with a keen eye for quality antique rugs and what makes them so special. With one showroom on the ground floor of the Dallas Market Center and another on Slocum Street, in the heart of Dallas’s Design District, Sirinoglu’s family have been bringing beautiful antique rugs to the Dallas area for over 50 years.

Coming from a long line of Oriental rug traders, Sirinoglu was destined for success. His father’s teacher, Zareh Usta, was an Armenian master weaver as well as a rug dealer in Caesarea, Turkey. Sirinoglu’s father, Haygaz Usta, designed Hereke silk rugs from a very young age, using skills taught to him by Zareh. Father and son worked together for several years until Sirinoglu moved to Paris and then to New York to complete and finish his studies, while still working with silk rugs on the side.

When Nomads Loom began selling in the Dallas area, it was truly breaking new ground. At the time, Nomad Looms was the first Turkish rugs’ importer in the country. They didn’t stop there. Nomad Looms has been expanding its own collection by shipping in new rugs from overseas, in order to satisfy the ever-growing and evolving antique carpet market. This new addition allowed other dealers to develop their own business by acquiring Nomad Looms’ antique rugs and learning about specific types of oriental rugs, such as oushak.


Sirinoglu’s deep passion for rugs is what sets Nomads Loom apart from other competitors in the business. This passion has given him an eye for choosing only the most outstanding rugs, allowing him to maintain a unique and exquisite collection. We are proud to share this passion with our distinguished customers, and we feel privileged that some of our antique carpets have ended up in prestigious places, such as the Green Room, in the White House.

Our extensive knowledge allows us to offer services that meet the exact needs of antique oriental rugs owners. Whether they need consulting, appraisal, cleaning, repair or restoration, we will provide our customers with the best antique carpet services, so that they can enjoy their piece of art for many years to come.

Nomads Loom


Each antique rug is hand-picked by our specialists to make sure that you end up with the most amazing antique carpet for your home. From our family to yours, we are proud to offer you a vast collection of the most beautiful antique, modern and vintage oriental rugs in Texas.


Began as a legacy. Continues as a family tradition.