Why You Should Use Bold Rugs in Your Home

Why You Should Use Bold Rugs in Your Home

Why You Should Use Bold Rugs in Your Home

You should use a bold rug in your home to add a splash of color and excitement to your living spaces.

Bold colors are engaging and can appeal to many as extraordinary. A lot of consumers choose safe options when it comes to rugs and utilize a soft, neutral color palette.

When you implement bold colors, you can captivate your house guests because a bold rug will be the statement piece in any room. To find out more information and tips on using bold rugs in your home, continue to read this article below to get the most out of your bold rug pick.  

Utilizing Bold Rugs with Your Home Décor

Whether you’ve bought the room furniture first or adding a new rug to your space for a change, there are many options when it comes to bold rugs with your home décor.

If you already have all the furniture and decorations in your home and you’re looking to replace or buy a rug, choosing a bold rug can change the whole dynamic of your living space with it’s intricate and striking design.

You can find a few common colors that you can find in some bold rugs because most handwoven rugs utilize a color scheme that range from two up to even eight colors in their intricate patterns and designs. Build your home décor around a bold rug may be just what your home needs for that pop of color.

Most designers recommend to their clients that if you plan on using a bold rug rather than a subtle rug, you need to choose a rug first (even if you have an area rug in mind).

Then from the colors used in the rug, you find and build on your design with those colors to match and create harmony. You must simply match parts of the room to color palette of the rug, piece by piece to work in a bold rug.

Bold Rugs are Stain Resistant

Bold rugs are stained resistant – wool that has been soaked in natural dyes have been proven to have quick recoveries from stains.

Bold colors in rugs have proven to withstand even the harshest spills and have become a must for high traffic living areas such as your kitchen rug, living room rug and dining room rug. However places that are supposed to feel light and relaxing, such as your bedroom rug and bathroom rug should not utilize a bold rug.

Easy to clean and care for, bold rugs can be used as outdoor rugs. It will implement a smart home experience that requires less work and maintenance. Pairing with animal prints or intricate designs can make even the toughest stains hard to notice. Not only do the bold patterns and designs allow leeway from stains, but the pile height plays an important role as well.

Even with the more difficult rugs to clean like shag rugs are easier if you buy in a bold color.

Choosing a Bold Rug at a Rug Gallery

There are many advantages of choosing a bold rug at a gallery; you’ll find rich, emerald-green rugs, fiery, wine-red rugs, black rugs and navy-blue rugs.

You can find many of these bold rugs at Nomads Loom, all one-of-a-kind and hand knotted rugs. Free shipping, delivery and rug pad with a purchase of your rug, from modern and new to vintage and antique rugs. All in various rug sizes, you will find the right rug for your home. Bold rugs have been popular for centuries and continue to dominate today’s rug market.