Why You Should Get a Custom Area Rug

Why You Should Get a Custom Area Rug

Why You Should Get a Custom Area Rug

There are many reasons why people decide to get a custom area rug – the accessibility and custom cut that will mold seamlessly into your living space is worth it and considered a highly affordable option. The cost of getting the one-of-a-kind, unique rug for you may surprise you.

The space you are trying to place a rug may have unique size dimensions so therefore you won’t find any standard sized rug that would fit what your space needs. In some other cases, you can’t find a style that resonates with you, or you do, it’s not in the colors or patterns you want.

With handwoven rugs, they are all unique but many rug makers have major influences on their design and perhaps you need something different than traditional designs.

Perhaps the rug may check all your requirements, but the rug material isn’t the kind that suits what you needed, and your household has high foot traffic or the border clashes with other aspects of your space. It is the ultimate way to find the perfect rug for you because it provides so many levels of customization.

If you decide that a custom area rug is what you need, please continue to read through the article to find out more information about what you need to know when it comes to your one-of-a-kind rug.

How Much are Custom Rugs?

 A custom rug is one of the most affordable and convenient options.

Custom rugs are generally quoted based on a price per square foot. Sometimes the binding may be included in prices however if you choose broadloom, the price is just for the carpet itself, and binding is extra based on the linear feet of edging needed.

Not only that, but custom also made rugs are known for their affordability because you can choose the colors, materials, and patterns that fit closely within your price range.

Where to Buy Custom-Sized Rugs in Dallas?

You have a few options to get started on placing an order for a custom-sized rug.

People generally either go to a carpet store or gallery that has professionals to assist them based on the information you give them such as size, cut, border, material, color, and style.

There are also a few online companies that offer you to make generic custom-made rugs and provide in programs that help illustrate your needs as well.

In downtown Dallas in the Design District, Nomads Loom can cut rugs to the size you need based on the design of the rug. If the borders can be cut down or the pattern and style of the rug are repetitive, it would be possible to get a custom size. In some cases if the rug has a medallion or uneven borders, it might not be an option. However, since 1975 with nearly 47 years of experience in the industry, Nomads Loom has a large network to explore to get you the rug you need.