Why You Should Buy Arabian Rugs

Why You Should Buy Arabian Rugs

Why You Should Buy Arabian Rugs

One of the best oriental styles of rugs, Arabian rugs are very popular in the market. Throughout the Arabian world, you will discover a vast selection of kilims also known as “flat-weave carpets” and pile carpets.

Arabian rugs are not only made in Saudi Arabia but also made by other nations in the Arab League of various states that range from Western Asia (the middle east) to North, West and East of Africa.

Handwoven with heavy influences of Arab culture. It is important to understand throughout many centuries of culture and history, politics and religion have played vital roles in influences and how many of these handwoven rugs were distributed and traded. Continue below to understand the beauty of Arabian rugs and carpets to find out why they may be the perfect fit for you.

The Origin and Pop Culture of Arabian Rugs

For centuries, Arabian carpets are famous and have been popular since the 7th century BCE. It is considered the OG and pioneer of oriental rugs.

From the humble beginnings and breakthrough of the Spice Road, Arabian rugs are still one of the top styles today in the interior design industry.

Stemming from multiple backgrounds, influences range from African tribal designs to many nomadic merchants that who traveled throughout the middle east of 1,300 years of history.

You may notice with a lot of Arabian rugs; they have a huge selection and variety of styles. A lot of the rugs encompass patterns and designs passed from generation to generation of influential families and workshops throughout history.

Today, many Arabian carpets that are handwoven are produced in countries such as Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Somalia, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and other states and nations of the Arab League.

Mentioned in various pop culture references, the most well-known of Arab carpets was introduced in Disney’s Aladdin “magic carpet” which is an Arabian rug that is instantly recognizable to many Americans and worldwide today.

Why Arabian Rugs and Carpets are Special

An Arabian rug is what you need in your living spaces – it will never go out of style and carries timeless designs and patterns that will spark joy in your home. Handwoven by master artisans, it will add a vibrant and gorgeous mood no matter the occasion.

Arabian complements a broad range of decorating styles and will seamlessly fit with your furniture. It is durable and made of fine material, most knotted with wool. Arabian rugs range from many exquisite properties that blend vintage and contemporary sensibilities of style to create designs that will last through the ages.

Where Do You Buy Arabian Rugs?

Arabian rugs can be found and bought in galleries, rug and carpet stores with certified rug specialists and professionals, and in markets that specialize in oriental rugs.

Here at Nomad’s Loom, we have certified appraisers with over 40 years of experience. We a vast collection of handwoven rugs, we have many Arabian rugs that are modern, vintage and antiques. We are always on the look out for Arabian rugs and our inventory showcases gorgeous styles and variety for our clients and designers.