Why You Should Buy a Traditional Classic Rug

Why You Should Buy a Traditional Classic Rug

Why You Should Buy a Traditional Classic Rug

If you’re in the market for a rug that fits seamlessly in your space, you should consider buying a traditional classic rug. Traditional rugs add depth and elegance to any living space and have been a symbol of elegance due to their wide range of colors, intricate designs, and sizes to choose from – it is the most popular and dominant home décor item on the market.

Not only does a rug tie the space together, but it also provides unity with your furniture and can be the final piece you needed in your interior design that creates perfect harmony in your home. Many would say that your rug is the centerpiece of the room and is the first thing most people notice. A traditional rug can be passed from generation to generation and always be eye-catching in whatever space it inhabits. Not only do traditional classic rugs attract the eye, but they also provide comfort to your space, and filter out dust or other allergens for better air quality.

What is a Traditional Rug?

Traditional rugs are modern-day décor that are heavily influenced by Persian and oriental rug patterns over hundreds of years.

Striking and bold – traditional rugs are known for the deep and rich use of colors that range from sage, maroon, beige, ink black, and navy blue. These are the known and most used colors in traditional rugs that captivate the viewer. Handmade rugs represent an age-old practice of handweaving that was passed from generation to generation. Heavy influences throughout centuries; traditional rugs have intricated and unique designs, strong and striking center medallions and unique borders.

Traditional rugs have a lasting appeal; they never go out of style and increases in value over time.  They are practical and the material is durable. This allows traditional rugs to be quite versatile and can define any space due to their general appeal.

How to Choose the Right Traditional Rug for You

Color, size, patterns, and material; are all important factors to consider when you’re trying to choose the right traditional rug for you. It is important to consider the style of the rug you most align with based on the region the traditional rug was produced.

Depending on the style of the rug, you can implement a luxurious and elegant mood into your space. It can feel formal, or it can be comfortable and homey. The possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing the right traditional rug for you. A traditional rug will fit just right in if you have pieces of furniture that complement them well. Once you have a goal in mind for what you want, finding the rest will be easy as the traditional rug will be your starting point on your blank canvas.

Where to Buy Traditional Classic Rug

In order to buy an authentic traditional classic rug, you can either visit a carpet store or buy from a professional that generally works out of an office with a gallery. In Dallas, you can find a wide variety of traditional classic rugs at Nomads Loom. Aside from antiques and vintage rugs, we also have transitional and modern pieces as well. All handwoven and one-of-a-kind rugs.