Why You Can Have a Red Carpet in Your Home Too

Why You Can Have a Red Carpet in Your Home Too

Why You Can Have a Red-Carpet in Your Home Too

Ready to walk the Red-Carpet Runway in your own home? A beautiful, striking and bold red rug may be just what you need to add that final flair and touch to your home.

A dazzling red rug may be what you need to pull your entire living space together. Minimalism is a trend in the past as we move back into maximalism. A red rug is perfect to implement a maximalist mood and can be a strong statement piece in your living space. It can add warmth and color into your living space, especially if you have a lot of furniture that lacks color. Instead of replacing all your furniture and decorative pieces, you can get a gorgeous bright or dark red hand-knotted rug to really pull the look of your space together.

Red Rug Origin and History

Throughout history, red has been one of the most popular colors utilized in handwoven oriental rugs. Its origin has been a dominant color for many centuries, but what designers pinpoint from red rugs are the colors that makeup the intricate designs that flatter the red. In order to figure out what colors match best with your red rug, you can use the spots of color to bring out the intricacies of your oriental rug.  

Popular mixes with red rugs are navy blues, bright golds, creams and taupe with coral pinks.

Why Should You Own a Red Rug?

Red Rugs are timeless; used in almost every occasion, they have been proven to never go out of style. You should own a red rug because they are highly regarded for their quality and design. Red oriental rugs are in high demand by both homeowners and interior designers. Everyone should own a red rug. A bold red might be intimidating to most clients, especially if you never had a red rug before. However, once you can determine what colors you can pull from the rug in order to make a cohesive design with your existing furniture and décor, it will be the center of attention. If you have neutral colors for your furniture and décor, a red rug will fit seamlessly to your space and will easily be adaptable. When you choose a red rug with bold patterns, it will add the pop of color you needed with your neutrals and create a balance.

When you find the balance, there are delicate levels when it comes to placing a striking red rug into your living space but once you establish that a red rug will fit into your space, there’s no turning back. You’ll fall in love with hand-knotted, red Persian rug because it will be considered the most valuable piece of art in your home that will captivate your guests.

Where Can You Buy Handwoven Red Rugs

There are many options where you can find and buy handwoven red rugs. The most ornate and bold will come from galleries and specialized rug stores. Professionals with certifications in vintage and antique rugs work from an office and have a gallery pop up store where they showcase their findings of authentic, handwoven red rugs. At Nomads Loom, you will find professionals ready to assist you to find the perfect red rug for your space. Ranging from new and modern to vintage and antique rugs.