What is Vintage Moroccan Rug?

What is Vintage Moroccan Rug? - Nomads Loom

What is Vintage Moroccan Rug?

Vintage Moroccan rugs are generally handmade or machine-made carpets produced in the Moroccan region. Although it has exaggerated motifs of Moroccan culture in general, it was influenced by

Arabic culture when it was first produced, and this interaction appeared on the carpets produced. Moroccan rugs are often preferred by many users around the world, although they may not be as famous as Persian rugs.

Because the colors used on it are completely prepared with herbal products and it is one of the few carpet types in the world for durability. It is generally useful and adapts to any surface.

It is also worth noting that European families have recently bought Moroccan carpets for use in their homes.


  •  History of Vintage Moroccan Rugs

 Vintage Moroccan rugs were first produced by tribes who lived in the Moroccan region.

It was produced in the early days to meet daily needs as well as aesthetic concerns. In other words, no painting or motif has been used as fabric pieces produced without embroidery.

But after the Spice Road started to play an active role in the Middle East, Moroccan carpets were changed. Because it is realized that Arab countries that trade carpets are getting richer and it is aimed to make this sector a trade by the Moroccan people.

For this purpose, colors obtained naturally and motifs representing tribal life have begun to be used on old Moroccan rugs.

Moroccan carpets have managed to survive in this way and the demand for these carpets has increased steadily in Eastern and European countries.