What is the Persian Rugs?

What is the Persian Rugs? - Nomads Loom

What is the Persian Rugs?


All kinds of Persian carpets were carefully woven by the nomadic people in the Persian region and the village and town people of the region.

For this reason, one of the products that reflect Iranian history best is Iranian carpets. It also reflects the lifestyle and daily life of people living in the Iranian region.

Since it was produced in the workshops by the minorities living in the Iranian region, it also gives information about the minority peoples of that period. Persian rugs have vivid colors and elaborately embroidered motifs in general.

That is why it has been preferred by users worldwide for centuries and decorates millions of houses. Iranian carpets, which have been continuously traded since the first year of its release, are increasing its popularity every day.


The History Of Persian Rugs

 Persian carpets were processed in various periods and by local people. Therefore, these products have witnessed many historical scenes and have been used by many Iranian people. It was generally woven to be given to the palace for the Iranian Royal Family.

It was also produced in the workshops of Safavid Courts, which carried out their activities in the 16th century. Persian carpets started to be produced for trade after 16 centuries and were frequently purchased by traders on the Spice Road.

Also, thanks to the traders using this route, Iranian carpets have reached Europe and were bought by the public.

Nowadays, Persian carpets are designed by combining traces of these periods and contemporary Iranian motifs.