What is the Antique Prayer Rugs?

What is the Antique Prayer Rugs? - Nomads Loom

What is the Antique Prayer Rugs?

Antique prayer rugs have indispensable importance in the weaving industry. In fact, it first appeared to serve religious values.


It has been one of the important figures especially for the religion of Islam. In the following years, it attracted the attention of many customers and collectors due to its motifs and its quality in embroidery. Today, although it is not intended for religious purposes in European countries, it continues to trade in many cities for artistic purposes. It adds a beautiful appearance and prestige to the house it is in.


The History of Antique Prayer Rugs

The first place where antique prayer rugs originated is known as the Caucasus Mountains. It was produced by many people living in this region because of religious concerns.

So much so that there are figures from this region on all antique prayer rugs. In the 19th century, it started to be woven on the lands of Anatolia and Iran. It is shown as one of the most important representation tools of the Islamic world.

After it is produced in the Eastern Regions, it is transferred to European countries for commercial purposes. It is generally produced small and symmetrically. It does not exceed the size of the rug and is not as big as normal carpets. The motifs engraved on it vary from region to region.

While the ancient prayer rugs produced in some regions have very exaggerated embroidery, those produced in some regions have plain motifs. It still maintains its religious importance for the Islamic world and also its artistic importance for European countries.