What is The Antique Persian Baluch Tribal Prayer Rug?

What is The Antique Persian Baluch Tribal Prayer Rug? - Nomads Loom

What is The Antique Persian Baluch Tribal Prayer Rug?

Over the years, many Persian rugs have been on sale in the carpet market. There are very different varieties. However, the carpet model, which is mentioned by experts as the most diverse type, is the Antique Persian Baluch carpet.

Baluch carpets are meticulously produced by three different civilizations and bear the traces of these societies in every product.

In every house used, both floor mats and carpet models emerge as a very robust and useful product.

Antique Persian Baluch carpets are interesting and remarkable enough to form a conversation when you meet with your friends. It colors every environment it is in and attracts you with its vivid patterns. Finally, we recommend that you take a look at this type of carpet.


  • History Of The Antique Persian Baluch Tribal Prayer Rugs

Baluch carpets, also known as Beluchi carpets, were started to be touched meticulously by immigrants living in the first Persian region.

It is known as the carpets in which the most colorful and ornate motifs were used at that time.

This feature makes these carpets one of the most valuable products of its time. In addition,

Baluch carpets are produced by Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. The combination of cultural motifs of these three civilizations has been successfully embroidered on the carpets.

But when it is sold to a customer, it should be stated which country it originates from. Finally, these three civilizations still produce these colors rugs, and they seem to have reached a high number of sales worldwide.