What is Tapestry Used For?

What is Tapestry Used For? - Nomads Loom

What is Tapestry Used For?

Tapestry is a type of fabric that is very decorative in design, which was invented during the weaving process.


Generally, it is used to cover furniture, home walls, or floors. However, as a result of the new findings, it was understood that it was a type of fabric used during the production of clothes.

It is a type of fabric that can be used on almost any machine and is very efficient. In addition, It is encouraged in handmade products. It is also called upholstery and folding fabric. Finally, it is also worth noting that today it is still used to cover every item.


Techniques of Tapestry

Tapestry is a durable and useful fabric that can be used on any item. Technically it can be beautifully applied to every piece of furniture, sofa, or dress. Among these technical features, a double stitching technique used to knit scarf is also used.

This method, known all over the world, is applied differently for each Tapestry fabric. Even the color of the Tapestry fabric used for each object differs. Thin or thick warps on a finished tapestry product give information about the texture or strength of the fabric.

Since every tapestry fabric used in the world is different, every warp will give different results. In addition, it is necessary to experiment continuously to find the best technique for this product. Because it is impossible to understand the quality or usage features at once. Finally, it is worth noting that the frequency of use of Tapestry has increased all over the world.