What is Kerman Rugs?

What is Kerman Rugs? - Nomads Loom

What is Kerman Rugs?

Kerman carpets were one of the first Iranian carpet types to enter the Western market.

The carpets had reached millions of customers as soon as they reached the European market.

The reason why it was so loved by European customers was the color and motif details that were successfully embroidered on the carpets. The people of the western country are seeing such carpet models for the first time.

The highest quality wool and the most vibrant colors were used on these carpets. It has caused the prestige of many houses to increase and the beauty of many houses over the years.


Antique Kerman Rug History

Kerman carpets were first produced in the 16th century. Each of the carpets produced in those years is handmade and antiques. Kerman rugs appeared in the Eastern region during the Safavid Dynasty.


It shows the lifestyle and living conditions of the people of that region. In addition, the motifs and embroideries used on the carpets offer examples from the Safavid State order.


In fact, the first customers of Karmen carpets were rich people of the Iranian State. These people bought carpets at affordable prices and sold them to European people at high prices. In other words, the trade of these carpets was made thanks to Iranian businessmen.


Today, Karmen carpets are still being transferred from Eastern countries to European countries for trade. It is also among the most expensive and valuable products in the world. However, the fact that it adds a beautiful appearance and high prestige to the house it is in is one of the facts told by the customers who buy the carpets.