What is Antique Indian Agra Rugs?

What is Antique Indian Agra Rugs? - Nomads Loom

What is Antique Indian Agra Rugs?

The carpets produced in the Moroccan region and Eastern provinces have always been among the most important carpets in the world. It is told that it is always produced with a high-quality weave.

But Indian Agra rugss have the same lineage value as these Eastern heritages. In other words, the quality of the materials used and the liveliness of the motifs engraved on them are the same as the carpets produced in the Eastern regions. Its colors, motifs, and silk section are very popular in international markets.

In addition, the most suitable carpets in the Indian region are antique Agra carpets. Agra city one of the cities where the most beautiful carpets are produced.

So much so that it is often preferred by users around the world and people buy these rugs for use in their homes.


  •  History of Antique İndian Agra Rugs


The famous city of Agra has been famous for Antique İndian Agra rugs weaving since ancient times. Carpet weaving is done in a wide and remarkable way.

This city was known as the place where the Mughal carpets were produced mostly in the 17th century. The city of Agra was also one of the three most important production points of the country.

Although the carpet industry was not developed much in this region, the carpets produced with vibrant colors and quality motifs attracted attention.

Over the years, the production value of Agra carpet has increased and has gained a worldwide reputation today.