What is Persian Sultanabad Rug?

What is Persian Sultanabad Rug? - Nomads Loom

What is Persian Sultanabad Rug?

Persian Sultanabad rugs produced in the 19th and 20th centuries are preferred by many experts and interior designers.

Due to the motifs and colors used, these two sectors appeal more to their employees. In addition, it is often desired by locals living in the Persian towns.

Because the lifestyle and daily affairs of these townspeople are on these products. In addition, plants and fruits are frequently seen in the Iranian region are among the most commonly used motifs in Persian Sultanabad carpets.

Due to the quality of the material used in these rugs and the meticulous processing of the motifs, they are purchased by many people worldwide. Therefore, it is almost impossible to find antique Persian Sultanabad carpets recently.

  • History of Persian Sultanabad Rugs

Founded in 1808, the city of Sultanabad has become one of the most important carpet production cities in the Iran region.

Many carpet workshops were opened in this region and many Sultanabad carpets were produced for commercial purposes.

The increase in interest in these carpets by European traders during the 19th century led to changes in the art management of the carpets produced in the Iranian region.

Sultanabad carpets were spread to European countries with mass production. Later, a Swiss-based company has set up a factory to sell Sultanabad carpets to European users.

In this way, Western craftsmen changed the motifs of the classical Sultanabad carpet and provided more reflection of the European culture.

Today, the effects of this combination can still be observed on the carpets produced.