What are the Antique Aubusson Rugs?

What are the Antique Aubusson Rugs? - Nomads Loom

What are the Antique Aubusson Rugs?

Antique Aubusson rugs are a type of carpet with large dimensions, often used for floor coverings. It first appeared in France.

It bears the traces of the Renaissance period, which influenced the whole world in the Middle Ages.

Even the events that took place in France of that period were engraved on these carpets. Aubusson rugs have vivid colors and motifs used in architecture. It has managed to become the best-selling carpet type after Turkish and Iranian carpets over the years.

Today, it is still used frequently in all European countries, especially in the region of France.


History of Antique Aubusson Rugs

Antique Aubusson rugs were started to be woven by peasants in medieval France. It was designed in 1743 for the noblemen living in the palace to use in floor coverings.

The fact that it was large in size and had a useful structure was the favorite feature of the palace society. Therefore, during the Renaissance period, the villagers were pressured to produce more carpets in the French region.

For this reason, new weaving workshops were established in every region of the country and carpet masters were brought from foreign countries. The motifs, the most important symbols of that era, were skillfully embroidered on the carpets.

At the beginning of the 18th and 19th centuries, the peak in the sales rate of Aubusson carpets was reached. Today, it is still often used by European countries and is preferred by people who love to use carpets in their homes.