What are Persian Heriz Rugs?

What are Persian Heriz Rugs? - Nomads Loom

What are Persian Heriz Rugs?

Famous Heriz rugs are Persian rugs woven in the Heriz region on the western side of the Iranian country.

Heriz's name comes from the first village where these carpets started to be produced and for many years Heriz's name has been used as a label in the sale of these carpets.

These carpets are considered among the most durable and long-lasting carpets in the world.

Even if it has been used for many years, it poses no problems to users. The guarantees of use for generations during its sales is provided by the vendor. Therefore, these carpets can have antiques.

Heriz carpets demanded all over the world are a combination of old Persian culture and new Persian culture.


History of Persian Heriz Rug

The history of Heriz carpets dates back to the ancient Persian period. The carpet culture that developed throughout the country in those years showed much more development in the Heriz region. The 1800s are the period when these carpets peaked in sales. It was generally in demand from the European and American continents.

However, it has managed to be among the most sold carpet types worldwide. It was possible to see all the details of Persian culture on the carpets when it was started to be produced.

Usually, vivid colors and ornate motifs were applied. But over the years this tradition has been abandoned and started to be produced in simpler models. Today, Heriz carpets, which have a deep-rooted history, continue to provide a beautiful appearance in the homes of users and take part in collectors' collections.