The Mystical and Ancient Rugs of the Karabakh Region

The Mystical and Ancient Rugs of the Karabakh Region

The Mystical and Ancient Rugs of the Karabakh Region

Whether you're looking for a vintage or antique rug, Karabakh rugs are sure to fit the bill. The mystical and ancient motifs on these hand-knotted carpets are both stunning and evocative. Learn more about these ancient rugs in this article. If you're not sure where to begin, check out some of the information below to learn more about these rugs. And don't forget to check out the many rug, on our stores that offer these wonderful pieces of art.

Modern Karabakh Rug

The Modern Karabakh rug is known as a Khndzoresk in Armenian, but in the rug trade, it is called a Chondzoresk. Although the style of a Modern Karabakh rug can vary, the basic style is similar to that of its Caucasian cousins. While the aesthetics of a Karabakh rug are distinctly Armenian, the cultural differences between the two countries are reflected in the different styles of this style. The common feature is a geometric design that represents nomadic tribes of the Orient. These rugs are also considered one-of-a-kind premium vintage rugs.

Antique Armenian Rug

While Armenian and Azerbaijani rugs were widely diverse, they shared similar motifs. Both types featured floral and botanical designs, geometric symmetry, and motifs such as crosses and dragons. Some of the motifs were religious, and there is some uncertainty as to whether they were purely decorative or had a religious significance. However, it's clear that the designs are both highly colorful and distinctive. Here are some tips on selecting a quality antique rug from the region.

The main feature of this carpet is the central cross-shaped medallion, which may be a nod to Christian iconography. It's surrounded by geometric animal ornaments in a large sunburst medallion. The Armenians call it an 'Ardzvagorg,' which translates to eagle rug. In addition to eagle-like designs, the carpet is often referred to as a Cheraberd Bdretsik, after the village formerly known as Badara.

Vintage Karabakh Rug

Antique Karabagh rugs are among the most sought-after types of antique rugs today. These rugs are the oldest and most diverse in design. The Armenian people of Karabakh were governed by duchies and principalities: the Khachen, the Varanda, the Dizak, and Golestan. The ancient towns of Jrebard and Kasim Ushak were historically Armenian. This region is now known as Armenia.

The traditional designs of a vintage Karabagh rug vary widely. Most antique pieces display bold geometric patterns, tribal designs, and motifs. The designs may also be religious in nature, with many antique rugs bearing crosses and geometric figures. Antique rugs from this region can be highly collectible, and the value of these pieces is based on their rarity. Here's a look at some common patterns and characteristics of a vintage Karabagh rug.