Scandinavian and Swedish Rugs are the G.O.A.T

Scandinavian and Swedish Rugs are the G.O.A.T

Scandinavian and Swedish Rugs are the G.O.A.T

Understated, underrated, and undervalued – Scandinavian rugs are often overlooked when it comes to hand-knotted rugs due to the lack of availability. Often used as bedding or wall hangings by the nobility, nowadays they serve a new purpose as the latest design trend across the globe.

In the present market, Scandinavian and Swedish rugs are now in high demand but are scarce when it comes to vintage and antique rugs. There has been a huge demand for these beautiful and intricate designed rugs, but the most readily available are either new or machine-made. However, the search for these handwoven rugs is worth it due to the excellent skills and expertise of professionals that implement versatile designs. The process is very similar to other regions that produce handwoven rugs.

History of Scandinavian Handwoven Rugs

The origin of Scandinavian rugs hail from Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. Although they follow certain graphs and weave by hand, the purpose of these rugs was made from cultural spread rather than utilized as art. For a while, there weren’t many Scandinavian rugs produced until the Byzantine Empire during the Early Middle Ages.

Eventually, the rugs were high in demand, and this paved the way for mass production. After many more Scandinavian rugs were produced, boomed a variety of different techniques of needlework and knots. Rya rugs were conceived and became a huge trend. From then on and to this day many critics consider the style the epitome of Scandinavian rugs. Rya rugs are unique because at the time of their creation, they pile faced downward for better insulation.

What are Scandinavian rugs called?

Scandinavian rugs are called Rya rugs.

Rya rugs became folk art and burst into the rug scene with dominant features of the Tree of Life and various symmetric alternatives based on the family tree. These intricate and beautiful designs were woven into the back of the rug. This was because the pile utilized solid colors. Rya rugs are special and known for their Ghiordes knots and a woven backing.

The Best-known and Top Scandinavian Rug Types in Interior Design Today

Eventually, Rya Rugs reversed their traditional method of weaving largely influenced by Marta Maas-Fjetterstrom, and she paved a new path for various designs and styles that suit the modern-day consumer. Hygge is rising in popularity when it comes to interior design. Rya rugs give a sense of coziness and contentment – playing a vital role in implementing a homey mood. 

The two most distinctive rug types are flat-woven Rollakans and shaggy Ryas. They are the most popular and commonly found Scandinavian rugs.