Rug Motifs and Meanings

Rug Motifs and Meanings

Rug Motifs and Meanings

Rug motifs and their meanings are also of great importance for rugs, which are one of the most used items of Anatolian people since ancient times­­­­­.­

Rugs are an essential since it reflects and embodies monumental events from the past. The meanings represented by rug motifs include life, desires, dreams, and many other elements. In this context, the most used rug motif types and their meanings are listed as follows:

  • Bereket Rug Motif
  • Scorpion Rug Motif
  • Dragon Rug Motif
  • Eye Rug Motif
  • Human Rug Motif
  • Wolf Mouth Rug Motif
  • Charm Rug Motif
  • Bird Rug Motif
  • Tree of Life Rug Motif

Bereket Rug Motif

One of the most used rug motifs because it known to bring abundance to homes. Fruit symbols such as mulberry, fig, pomegranate or grape are also used in abundance rug motifs.

Scorpion Rug Motif

One of the most used symbols in rug motifs is the scorpion motif. The scorpion motif used in rugs and with the idea of ​​protecting the houses from evil and malicious works. At the same time, scorpion motifs were used in rug patterns to protect from every creature that harmed Anatolia in ancient times.

Dragon Rug Motif

Dragons are mythologically accepted as the lords of water and air, and the dragon motifs used in rugs are featured in many Rugs to take advantage of the abundance that water will bring.

Eye Rug Motif

Eye rug motifs have always been used to protect against the evil eye. The eye motifs mean the third eye in most beliefs. The colors of the rugs are used are always bright and vibrant colors in order to attract more attention.

Human Rug Motif

The human motif, which is one of the most widely used Rug motifs since ancient times, has been used in Rugs to describe the people who weave the Rug. In this way, the person weaving the Rug symbolized the person they longed for and desired to meet on the Rug in this way.

Wolf Mouth Rug Motif

Rug motifs in Anatolia has been the wolf mouth which symbolizes the struggle against wolves. Wolf mouths symbolize protection against wolves or monsters.

Charm Rug Motif


Bird Rug Motif

One of the most popular rug motifs used in rug weaving is of birds. Each bird motif used in rug motifs has its own meaning. Accordingly, while the eagle rug motif represents power and might, the crow symbolizes evil, the pigeon and nightingale symbolize luck, and the owl symbolizes fertility.

Tree of Life Rug Motif

The tree of life motif represents roots and eternal unions connected to the earth. The upper part of the tree of life motif used in rugs is thought to be the way to reach heaven. The lower part of the tree symbolizes reaching the sky.