Questions and answers about Turkish rugs

Questions and answers about Turkish rugs

Questions and answers about Turkish rugs

  • What is a Turkish rug?

For hundreds of years, carpets had been created as valuable portions of adornment for the houses of the nomadic Turks. Turkish rugs can be used for a lifetime. This is one of the most important quality elements.

  • Turkish rugs good quality?

Turkish rugs are crafted from the simplest of the maximum excellent substances. Hand weaving wool and silk are a whole lot more precious than cotton or wool-cotton combinations. you'll notice a difference between a silk rug and a cotton rug right away.

  • What is the difference between Persian and Turkish rugs?

The best way to differentiate among the two traditions is to search for a label: many genuine Persian rugs endure a label documenting their advent in Iran. Also, another signature function is within the nature of the rug’s knots. while conventional Persian rugs are typically constructed of single-loop knots, which leads to a greater subtle weave, Turkish rugs typically appoint a double-loop.

  • Where to buy Turkish rugs?

If you live in Dallas, the Rug Store called Nomads Loom is located in the Downtown Design District. You can easily reach it. Excellent customer service available. Family Owner Nomads Loom offers quality service with 40 years of work experience. An antique and vintage rug, Turkish Rug, Persian Rug ... oushak rug, Heriz rug, and hundreds of other rugs are in stock.

  • What are Turkish rugs made of?

Turkish rugs are double-knotted. every piece of yarn is looped twice through the weft, making the rug sturdier and more durable. Rugs somewhere else are tied with a single fiber in line with a vertical thread. Turkish rugs can be made of silk, wool, or a wool-and-cotton mixture.

  • How much should I pay for a Turkish rug?

Unfortunately, there is no single answer to this question. They have prices starting at 100 USD and ranging from 100k USD. Rug weave shape. Size and age are very important. Most importantly, it affects prices in case of quality.

  • How to clean a Turkish rug?

Rug cleaning should actually be done by someone who knows the job. A rug cleaning specialist washer will clean the carpet without damaging it and deliver it to you in a clean and clean way.

  • How to clean a Turkish rug at home?

If Rug has antique value, cleaning methods other than vacuuming at home may damage it. The antique rug should only be vacuumed in the home environment. If you try a chemical clean on it, you'll likely do damage.

  • Why are Turkish rugs so expensive?

Turkish rug is hand made and 100% wool is used. It takes 4-10 weeks to weave an average rug. 3-5 people work for rug weaving. So most importantly, it is a handmade product and you can use it for many years. As it gets older, its value increases.



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