Although the USA is the central place in every product, we can say that it is one of the first places where popular goods are produced. Every year, the fashion of many things changes, as well as the fashion of rugs changes. If you want to learn about the new rug trends in the USA, the details are below.

A report published on January 7, 2022, included new rug trends in the USA.


Shades of Brown

Although rugs of different colors are loved, we can say that brown shades are among the favorites. Brown rugs demonstrate simplicity, elegance, and richness. As always, brown rugs that decently fit into your home belongings are again among the trends. If you want to look at brown rugs, the Branded Shag Rug, Victorian Ombre Rug, and Zella Washable Vintage Rug will help you. ( - the-rug-USA-2022-trend-report/ )

Graphic Checks

Graphic Checks are among the New rug trends in the USA. Because graphic patterns are indispensable, they will also come across in the coming years. An example is the Natural Jute Checkerboard rug.

Bring the Indoors Out

These rugs are different from others because we put two different rugs on top of each other in this way, two single-layer floors are prepared. When used in the same shades, it will look like a single rug.

Round it Out

It differs from all rugs by its nesting structures and is suitable for use in every corner of your home. If you want to add a different atmosphere to your home, you can look at these trend rugs as opposed to classic rugs.



Beni Ourain rugs are rugs made from the wool of small lambs, an ancient breed belonging to Morocco. The name Beni Ourain comes from the Berber tribe living in the Atlas Mountains, and this name is not based on the appearance, color, or shape of the rugs. Beni Ourain rugs will be an excellent choice for people who are fond of comfort and softness because these rugs are made of % 100 sheep's wool, these wools are not dyed and of course they are handmade products. You can find the simplicity, elegance, and history of Moroccan traditions on the rugs. Rugs are usually formed in geometric patterns and symbols. Women usually weave these rugs, and each of them has traces of their lives. They touch on everyday topics. For example, there are issues such as birth, death, beliefs, belonging, and society. In addition, if you want to add a Bohemian atmosphere to your home, Beni Ourain rugs are designed just for your home. People who want to have Beni Ourain rugs can look at the sale sites for more detailed information.



Turkish Oushak rugs are traditional rugs that belong to the province of Uşak in Turkey. These rugs are also known as Uşak rugs. Oushak rugs began to exist from the first years of the establishment of the Ottoman empire and spread their fame to all European countries.

There are many different types of Turkish Oushak rugs available and different icons have been used in each of them. The patterns mostly reflect nature and animals because the rugs reflect their own culture. For example, the star, bird, and dragon represent productivity. Compared to other types of rugs, Turkish Oushak rugs are sewn with larger scales, and they are lighter. Thanks to their soft color and lively structure, they have always been able to attract attention. Turkish Oushak rugs have an antique and vintage mood. They have a silky and shiny structure. Often these rugs, representing spaciousness, and calmness, and they want to touch the inner world of people.


Bidjar Persian rugs get their name from the city of Bijar ( Bidjar), Iran. The history of these rugs goes back a long time. Over the years, the name of the country has changed to Iran, but the name of the rugs has remained the same( Persian ). Bidjar Persian rugs are sewn by the Kurds in the Iranian city of Bijar and nearby places. They are mostly made of cotton or camel wool and have a very hard texture. The reason they are hard is that they are touched very tightly and this hardness can be an advantage for those who buy rugs because dirt and rust cannot enter the rugs. They differ in patterns and colors of rugs. There are two different types of rugs. These;

Herati and Mina Khani

These two rugs are more popular than other rugs, and they can be in the colors navy blue, red, orange, brown, and yellow. As durability, we can say that Bidjar Persian rugs are among the most preferred rugs. The most important features of Bidjar Persian rugs are that they are made by beating. This method is to prevent the rugs from being hard and slacking.



Afghan modern rugs are hand-made rugs made in Afghanistan. The patterns of these rugs are usually hexagonal or octagonal, but they may differ. The distinctive feature of Afghan modern rugs is not their pattern, but the substances from which they are made. When buying Afghan modern rugs, it is important to look at the types of wool.

There are 4 different types of wool used in Afghan modern rugs, which are mostly given below. These;

Ghazni Wool

This wool is often obtained Ghazni, although it is not brought only from the Ghazni region. The most important feature of Ghazni wool is that the wool is cleaned and rolled by hand. After these procedures, the wool that has become ready to weaving. Durable, pleasant rugs are started to be made.

Merino Wool

Merino wools, also known as Pakistan wool. After machine processing , they become threads. They are not very durable compared to Ghazni wool, but they have a soft texture.

Belgian Wool

Belgian wool is wool brought from Belgium. Although it has a high quality, it has soft and shiny properties. I would say that the most expensive is the type of wool.