How To Wash A Sheepskin Rug

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How To Wash A Sheepskin Rug

Sheepskin rug is very important in terms of decoration.

It creates an air of quality and prestige. For this reason, sheepskin carpet is often preferred. So how does this carpet model, which is so popular, get cleaned? When cleaning the sheepskin carpet, what kind of chemicals are applied and how is the sheepskin carpet washed?

Sheepskin carpets are separated from other carpets in the direction of cleanliness. Sheepskin carpets are definitely not washed. It's important not to touch water on this carpet. A sheepskin rug is soft. This softness disappears if it comes into contact with water.

Chemicals should not be used when cleaning leather carpets. Chemicals damage the leather carpet. It damages both its feathers and the skin of its interior, causing a puncture of the skin.

The best cleaning method is to wipe with a damp cloth against stains such as tea and coffee on leather carpets. It will be more convenient to clean by making tampons without using detergent. when spotting occurs, do not let that stain dry on the carpet. If the stain is dry and does not go away with a wet or damp cloth, you should seek professional help.

The use of leather carpets should not be used in houses with under heating. It is not suitable for use. The skin on the bottom of the carpet should not dry. If the skin of the carpet dries, the carpet shrinks and becomes disfigured. There's a deformity on the carpet.

Therefore, when the cleaning process is done, separate cleaning should be done on both the carpet's feathers and the leather part. Cream and Vaseline are often used for maintenance and to moisturize the skin. This way the skin will remain moist and there will be no shrinkage.

Since leather carpets are natural products, they show long-lasting use when maintained. Maintenance is easy. It is appropriate to do skincare on time as drying of the skin will cause the carpet to break down, frequent moisturizing is one of the best care methods.