How to place a area Rug

How to place a area Rug - Nomads Loom

How to place an area Rug

Carpets differ in their types and structures. If you want the room to be completely covered with rug, you can choose the appropriate carpet.


Items will be placed on the carpets, which are completely covered. Items such as chairs, tables, chairs, televisions are placed on the carpet. This kind of decoration may be appropriate.

Carpets that will completely cover the room are highly preferred in cold residential areas. However, closing the room completely with carpet brings out the state of allergy. It is also appropriate to use a carpet sufficiently to avoid allergies. Keeping the remaining area open can also be given as an idea of decoration.

Items and rugs must be proportional. For example, if there is a bed, a small carpet laid next to the bed would be more appropriate. The choice is to measure the size to fit between the two seats in the room and get a carpet.

A complete rug coating process is done. However, the rooms, stairs, kitchen are completely carpeted. Special carpet adhesive is used for the carpet coating process. The type of carpet preferred here is different. The carpet is thin and the same size. The rug has no feathers.

It is glued to the floor together with a special adhesive. In this way, the whole area is covered with carpet. The adhesive on this carpet is special. It is not suitable for every sticky carpet. A strong and unresolved adhesive must be used. It is also appropriate that there are plenty of places left and empty places left when gluing the carpet.

Rug binding and carpet placement becomes easy with the knowledge of the techniques. The placement of the carpet in the area should be regular. If it is a shaggy carpet, it should look in the same direction. The direction of the carpet is important if it is a cowhide rug or a sheepskin rug. These are placed in accordance with the technique looks more aesthetically beautiful.