How to Match Rugs to Art

How to Match Rugs to Art

How to Match Rugs to Art

The biggest challenge homeowners face is matching a rug with art.

Even the most polished and well-seasoned interior designers have difficulties sometimes on how to match an oriental rug to art. In this article, you will learn and understand many ways to help and assist you on your journey in finding the perfect rug for your living space.

Avoiding Visual Competition with Rugs and Art

You may already have a lot of art in your home and you’re trying to piece everything together. You must understand that there is no focal point and that all your belongings can come together with the right balance. Just remember that you just need to piece all your furniture one by one. It’s a fun process and journey to finding the right balance of all your belongings.

Imagine your living space with just your rug alone first. Then start moving by a hierarchy such as from the floor and floor coverings to the furniture that sits on it. After observing your furniture and floor, you then want to start thinking about what goes on top of the furniture. After figuring out where decorative pieces will sit, you then start to think about what kind of plants you want next to them. Keep in mind while you’re going through the hierarchy to utilize your secondary colors.

Adding artwork and sculptures to the walls should be second to last from figuring out what is installed in your ceilings. Wall art is important but it isn’t the first thing you should work on in your living space. Then start adding one by one all the pieces that have some kind of color connection, no matter how small. Finding cohesive color palettes, it makes it easier to avoid clashing moods when picturing how your rug will look with all your belongings.

Be careful in selecting rugs that are bold and striking. Dominant rug designs you should be mindful of not to clash with your artworks. Bold and striking rugs tend to be the statement piece of the room. It dominates the color scheme, and it is the first thing most people notice in a space. With rugs that are bold and striking, it’s best to choose simple and neutral artwork that won’t fight for attention with the rug.

Home Decoration and Rugs Go Hand-in-Hand

Don’t think of all these items separately – remember that everything you own is part of the design of your space. You may be adding things or seeing pieces one by one, but they all should be connected and share the same style and sentiment you want to implement in your home. Take for example a living room that is connected to a kitchen. This is becoming more popular for home builds nowadays and people struggle with finding different rugs that match in the shared space.

The rule of thumb is to match styles by time period and culture. Consider the style of the rug – if it is a modern rug, you’d most likely pair it with new, contemporary, and abstract artworks. If the rug is vintage or antique piece such as Persian rugs, you’d stick with portraits and classical paintings. Another good type of artwork to match with vintage or antique pieces is still-life paintings and sculptures.

Matching Rugs to other Art Pieces to Make a Statement 

If you find a rug that is truly remarkable yet somewhat doesn’t fit seamlessly with your art because of clashing statements, creating some space and distance helps alleviate tension. Utilizing this technique will help you divide your space without making obvious sections in a specific shared space or room.

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