How to keep area rug from bunching up on carpet

How to keep area rug from bunching up on carpet - Nomads Loom

How to keep area rug from bunching up on the carpet

A rug can be bunched onto an item. For this, the carpet must be placed properly. There are precautions that can be taken against carpet bunching. 

How to keep area rug from bunching up on the carpet?

The first of these is the carpet coating method. In the method of covering the entire area with carpet, the floor and carpet are covered with a special adhesive. In this way, there will be no gaps between the adhered carpets will not bunching. In addition, the carpet should be especially suitable for this structure.

Sticky rugs are always seen in rapbet. They are pretty popular. Especially in homes with babies and pets, these carpets are easy to use because they do not make bunching.

Second, the small size carpet preference can be used. This way the carpets won't stay under a couch. However, the most important suggestion for carpet bunching under the couch is to lay the carpet first.


Putting a sofa on the area after the carpet is covered, prevents bunching here. And all the feet of the couch should be on the carpet.

Bunching on the carpet can cause both babies and humanalrın to get stuck and fall. This can happen with a human hand, as well as the carpet may be deformed after a while.


Especially sheepskin rugs and cowskin rugs cause bunching to show after a while if care is not done well. Therefore, special care of rugs, care should not be neglected. In this way, rugs are seen to be long-lasting.

You can also take precautions against carpet bunching. Make sure the carpet is well placed. Use adhesive if necessary. If the carpet has a rallying feature, cool the carpet in the appropriate place. With these precautions, accidents that may occur are avoided.