How to Hang A Tapestry Using A Stick?

How to Hang A Tapestry Using A Stick? - Nomads Loom

How to Hang A Tapestry Using A Stick?

If there is a hanging pocket on the tapestry you will use, it will be very easy to hang it with a stick. Stick inserts on the tapestry are usually located either in front of it or in back them.

The operation is carried out by attaching the bar to these points. In addition, this process is similar to our method of installing curtains in our home. After finding the point to hang in it, the rest is taken care of.

The bar tapestry hanging method is very simple and easy to use a method. It does not take much time for all users.


  •  How To Hang A Tapestry Using Brackets?


The tapestry used can be easily hung by using brackets on the light side of the wall. In addition, the use of these brackets makes it possible to hang tapestries almost anywhere.

Because the easiest and most efficient way of hanging is the method of hanging with parentheses. In order for the tapestry to be hung more smoothly and accurately, a meter or ruler must be used. In this way, every unit measured and adjusted is calculated accurately.

The distance between the wall on which the tapestry will be hung and the ceiling must be the same. Because tapestry can stay in balance in this way. In such cases, the use of meters is of great importance.

You can find the brackets that you should use for hanging in almost every market.