How To Get Rid Of Rug Burn

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How To Get Rid Of Rug Burn

These carpets, called rugs are quite valuable. For this reason, it needs to be carefully looked after since it was taken.

But in some cases unfortunately carpets can tear, burn. There are important steps to be taken for these situations.

Rug burns, smoke, fire, etc. they are burns that can occur on the carpet due to substances.

These burns pierce the carpet. Sometimes there are burns like this on the eaves of the carpet. It is appropriate to repair the carpet in order to be dried from this situation.

Carpet repair is done by an expert. At home, however, people can repair carpets. For this, it is necessary to examine the condition of the burning area. For carpet repair and to get rid of the burn examination is the first condition.

The most important feature of the carpet repair process is to find out where the problem is. If the problem is in the eaves of the carpet, these eaves are cut and corrected.

That's how it's fixed. A new fringe can also be made by cutting the carpet fringe completely instead. Carpet eaves are the easiest procedure to repair.

If there are any burn marks on the carpet, this hole is sealed with crochet or needle.

Small stitches are removed and the carpet is restored. These sutures should be small and should be stitched backward while they are being stitched. In this way, it is not visible and carpet repair is not noticed.

When "carpet repair" is performed, this feature of the carpet should not be seen and should not be considered too. In this way or successful repair and renovation process is made.

In order for the burn marks to pass, the same pattern and the same hue must be attempted to capture. This is also done with the same color thread. you can try carpet repair yourself at home. If you don't want to try it yourself, you can ask him to repair the carpet from where you bought it.