How to dye a Rug

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How to dye a Rug


The process of dye rugs is a condition that needs to be painstaking. The first thing that comes to mind when painting rugs is dyeing the yarn of the rug.


The paint used is boutique style paints. Not every rug is dye. Yarn is made and dipped in buckets full of dye. It is kept in this bucket and instantly changes the color of the yarn. It is kept in buckets full of dye for a day. The next day the threads are removed from these buckets.

The yarns that have been processed into the paint and changed color are laid on the ground to dry. Here it is dried for at least three days. In this way, more identification of the dye is provided to the yarn.

The threads removed from buckets filled with paint come out as having taken the color of the paint.

The threads are wrapped after drying. In this way, a smooth and long colored rope is obtained. It is possible to obtain yarn from each color in this way. With the chemical of the dye, a dye is obtained that does not come out even if washed.

These yarns are used in hand-woven persons. According to the model of the rug and according to the pattern of colored yarn is used.

The process of dyeing rugs is the process of dyeing the yarn before the rugs are made yet. In this way, a professional winding process is done for the yarn. The quality of the dyed yarn is essential.


The intelligence of both the yarn and the paint material used determines the quality of the rug. In this way, the carpet painting process is active on a regular basis.


There's constant production. With the yarn produced in the rug is dpkunur. But the quality of where you buy rugs is also important. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose places that do this job professionally.