How To Crochet A Rug Out Of Yarn

How To Crochet A Rug Out Of Yarn - Nomads Loom

It is a textile business made by knotting carpets.

Various materials are used when weaving carpets.


Wool rugs, rope rug, carpet is woven with flush yarn are found in such types. The material used describes the type of rug.

The carpet made of yarn is handwoven by throwing yarn knots side by side. Discarded knots make up the surface of the carpet. As carpet weaving, there are types of knots with the type being Turkish knot and Iranian knot.

As the carpet is woven, the size of the carpet is determined by placing a knot on the right and left sides of the main floor.

For the carpet to come out properly and a process to be of quality is done. the weaving of each row is ensured to come in the same order.

After each knot, the line is drawn and smoothed so that the carpet comes out in a smooth pattern.

Crocheted carpet is made, crocheted material is used. In other words, the knitting process is done.

After the carpet is made, the share is left for the right and left ends to be placed on the eaves. A good knitted carpet or crocheted carpet has fringes.

Making carpet out of yarn is quite a challenging process, contrary to what is thought. This process takes Labor.

This process requires expertise. It provides people with certain knowledge to work on behalf of making this carpet. Therefore, "crocheted carpet" is a very valuable carpet.

Making carpets is great art. It reflects human labor and imagination on the carpet.

This is how hand-woven carpets appear. For this reason, hand-woven carpets are very valuable. The care of hand-woven carpets also demands care.

The method of washing is different from the method of maintenance. the better the hand-woven carpet  looks, the longer it lasts.