How To Clean A Cowhide Rug

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How To Clean A Cowhide Rug

The cowhide rug will be in one piece. These carpet feathers are not like sheepskin.

It has a more hairless and wider surface so its maintenance will be special to it. The cowhide carpet should be arranged and cleaned from a professional point of view.

This type of carpet, which is very often requested as decoration, is quite useful. It is often preferred because it is especially leather. It is easy to maintain and practical. You can close the area by buying one piece of carpet.

A cowhide rug is easily cleaned due to a lack of hair. Their feathers don't pick up dust. Therefore, it is cleaned by wiping with the help of a wet and damp cloth. For a cowhide carpet, it must always be wiped in the same direction when it is cleaned.

Always in the right direction or always to the left side of the carpet to be erased will pass to the None of the deterioration that may occur.

Because these carpets are made from animal skin. Its feathers are also the animal's own original feathers.

It is not appropriate to wash it so that it does not rot and it does not get wet. Wiping once a week with a damp cloth prevents any dust that may occur. If there is a stain, it is immediately treated and cleaned.

Regular cleaning is always damp when cleaning the cowhide carpet. It is also not appropriate to put something on this carpet. It is easy to stain because of the skin. Is the trail easy?

For this reason, it is more appropriate not to put an item on the cowhide carpet.

Cowhide carpet has an antiallergenic structure that you can use for many years. If you want hairless carpet, cowhide carpet alone is enough to be used. A single carpet is ideal for decorating a room.

This carpet is not placed on an item, coffee and tea on the carpet increase the probability of spilling so when a Ley is spilled it should be wiped instantly. It is also suitable for cleaning with cold steam.