History Of Middle East Rugs

History Of Middle East Rugs - Nomads Loom

History of the Middle East

The Middle East, located in the western region of Asia, contains many countries. 18 countries continue to exist in this land piece. Also, the existence of this piece of land goes back to the oldest periods.

The first remnants of humanity were found in this region and it is believed that the first people who settled down lived in the Middle East region.

Also, minority communities lived in for many years in the Middle East region. It can be said that each of them contributes to the cultural richness of this region. So much so that it is possible to see the traces of this cultural richness even on the carpets produced in this region.

Every community or every minority has embroidered its own motifs on the carpets it produces.

History Of Middle East Rugs

When it comes to the Middle East, most people think of the weaving industry. Because this region is generally famous for its valuable carpets. Every community that lived in the Middle East region was generally interested in the carpet industry.

For example, Turkish society, Iranian society, and Egyptian society are Middle Eastern communities famous for their carpets. The carpets produced in these countries have been transferred to Western countries for years, and these carpets have been traded.

Many Western countries loved the Middle Eastern carpets, which have vibrant colors and meticulously embroidered motifs from the Middle East region. Today, the carpets of this region have a great reputation worldwide and increase the prestige of the house in which it is located.