Finding Harmony with Red and White Carpet

Finding Harmony with Red and White Carpet

Finding Harmony with Red and White Carpet

Harmony with red and white carpets will provide your living space with contrast.

The bold and striking red pairs well with creamy whites and eggshell whites as well. These stark contrasts call for a unique design and implement a sweet, serene mood to the space.

Red and White Carpet and Rugs are Popular

Utilizing dark and rich reds have always been popular in hand-knotted rug making, however in recent decades there has been a rise in modern rugs that pair the boldness with creams and whites. The reason why red rugs have been utilized in a lot of vintage and antique rugs are due to their durability and resistance to dirt and stains. Stains and general wear and tear aren’t as visible due to the hues of red.

Most hand knotted rugs utilize dark and rich reds using wool material. Red is the most common color in oriental rugs because it symbolizes wealth, luck, beauty, joy and courage. Paired with white and creams in recent decades to add versatility, red and white rugs have been highly sought after in today’s market.

Why a Red and White Rug is Missing from Your Home

Wine red, dark red, and coral red can accentuate many aspects of your home. A safe bet people settle on when buying a rug is to choose either white, black, or grey, which tends to go with anything. However, with red and white rugs, you can have the best of both worlds. The white and creamy partnership with the red will allow flexibility to match with common colors your furniture has.

A pop of red will help you make a statement in your living space and create a color harmony with tones to play around with in your design. A lot of designers follow the rule of using analogous colors on the color wheel to help determine what kind of colors they want in a rug. However, if you are new to design or a homeowner that needs help finding the perfect rug, red and white rugs will ease that gap. It will create a strong balance between your floor and furniture. You can also for example utilize a red and white rug in a living room that connects to the kitchen, and then use runners and smaller rugs (such as 3x5 and 4x6) with creams and whites to merge into a different section of your home. Using your red and white rugs this way can create different themes that help implement the division of spaces without having to use dividers or screens.

Where Can You Buy and Find Red and White Rugs?

Here at Nomads Loom, you can find various red and white rugs. You may even purchase a red and white rug with a visit to our gallery and we will help find the perfect rug for you.

Other online resources will give you the option of machine-made rugs, however at Nomads Loom, we have one of a kind and hand knotted rugs appraised and sought by professionals with 40 years of experience in the oriental rug industry.