Choosing the right rug color for your sweet home

Choosing the right rug color for your sweet home

Choosing the right rug color for your sweet home

Color selection criteria for rug

“The color choice is made to create four different effects in the rooms. These effects are freshness, warmth, coldness, or lukewarmness. In addition, the color chosen on the rug is related to how much you want to emphasize the floor. If you’re going to highlight the bottom of your house in decoration; You can choose your rug with a neutral color and without a pattern.

Choice of warm or cool colors

Undoubtedly, colors have a significant effect on providing the desired environment in the rooms. The use of warm colors is every day in northern and eastern cultures. In the south and west, the preference for cold colors stands out.


Colors such as yellow, orange, or bluish-red should be chosen to make the room warmer. Colors such as blue or yellowish-green can be preferred to make the room cooler.


Viewing one room from another room offers two options. These rooms will either be connected using standard colors or separated by decorating them with different colors. The fact that the rugs on the floors of the two rooms further help in dissolving the rooms.


Suppose you have a pet, and it is constantly shedding. In that case, the room’s rug where it will be found should be the same color as the animal's hair so that the necessity of continually vacuuming the rug is eliminated.


Furniture in the room is also essential in choosing the color of the rug. Wood tones never harmonize with some colors, but there are also colors that they do. Therefore, when going to buy a rug, make sure to compare the colors of the rugs with the color of your furniture.


Preference of light, medium and dark tones

Light colors give a refreshing effect. The effect of dark colors is relaxing and warm. Mid-tone shadows do not make any difference in our perception. While the light reflecting feature of light colors makes the rooms brighter, the light absorption feature of dark colors will give the room a darker appearance.


The most crucial feature of medium tones is that these rugs are easy to clean. While white colors show dirt immediately, lint formed because of piling on dark rugs appears more clearly.


A large rug always looks darker at home. The ground is a large area. The rug covering the entire floor intensifies the color. For this reason, there is a difference in darkness between a small sample of the same rug and a large kilim. Choosing a lighter shade of the color you want from the rug samples will enable you to reach the desired tone.


Preference for dull, softened, and bright colors

Brightly colored rugs add liveliness to the room and are unsuitable if a calm room environment is desired. Colors softened by adding a little gray can be preferred in controlled environments where you spend a long time. If the room is used frequently and the rug is pale, neutral, dull, or soft colors should be preferred because these colors camouflage the dirt.


Quiet and peaceful room

Colors: For a peaceful environment, it is necessary to avoid significant color contrasts. Varying color tones on a monochrome rug as dark and light are suitable for creating a calm environment.

It is wise to use dark colors on the floor because dark colors are compatible with gravity. With cold colors; Green and blue are relaxing. Gray and darker colors also give peace. We feel peaceful when the surroundings turn gray with the setting sun in the evening because gray softens every color.

Simplicity: Pattern always brings vitality, but there is no need for liveliness in a room where peace and comfort are aimed. If a pattern is desired, this pattern can be a less noticeable but beautiful pattern on the rug.

Surface: Rugs with soft and flat floors give comfort. As well as providing comfort to the touch, these rugs also absorb noise.


Lively and animated room

Colors: Bright and warm colors such as red, orange, and yellow energize people like sunlight. The use of very contrasting colors leaves an exciting effect on the person. Contrasting colors such as red and green, blue and orange, pink, and yellow increase each other's power and impact when used together.

Pattern: Bold patterns are exciting. Bold prints designed in contrast with each other attract attention. The more the way is used, the livelier the room will become.

Surface: Hard and rough rugs give vitality. Because uneven floors also reflect light in various directions. Various combinations of light and shadow occur. This variety creates a feeling of dynamism and movement.


Relaxing room rug

Colors: Using colors at medium values ​​will give a feeling of comfort. There may be a moderate contrast between colors, but it should not be sharp. Bright colors or softened warm colors should be preferred.

Pattern: Linear patterns should be preferred. Patterns can be moderately contrasted. If the room looks dull, patterns can be added, but the patterns can be removed from the decoration if the room looks lively.

Surface: Rug surface can be preferred as smooth or slightly rough.


Joyful Room

Color: Light and warm colors are cheerful. Yellow brings joy to people like the shining sun. Adds shine without narrowing the room.

Pattern: Beautiful patterns add joy to the room.


Seductive room

Color: For this purpose, the room should be covered with a warm-colored rug. The combination of dim light with warm colors creates a friendly, courteous, and comfortable atmosphere inside.


Surface: Rugs that are thick, rough, and have a sweet touch should be chosen. This plays a vital role in the atmosphere of the room. Thick and soft surfaces affect the senses well and create a feeling of warmth. They also offer a unique environment as they absorb sound.